Taylored Waxing


Waxu is the UK’s first express intimate wax. Created by women for women, our advanced wax formula combined with our specially developed intimate wax technique gives you super-smooth results like you’ve never felt before.

Preparing for your treatment. We recommend that you exfoliate gently 3 days prior to your Taylored waxing treatments and allow a minimum of 4 weeks growth.

Taylored Hollywood Bikini Wax

What to expect: This treatment is without doubt our most intimate and as described by our clients “truly liberating”! You will be asked to remove all under garments including your knickers as we will remove hair from the buttocks and labia. Your therapist will ensure you feel comfortable throughout the process and will guide you through the positions required.

  • £41 (with strip)
  • £36 (without strip)

Of course we appreciate the full Taylored Hollywood may not be something you would be happy to undergo straight away so we still offer the more traditional waxing treatments using both regular strip wax but also using the Waxu Hot Wax at an additional cost.

  • Standard Bikini Wax – £16 (strip wax) £21 (hot wax) - Keeping knickers on, removal of hair that can be seen from outside a bikini bottom.
  • Brazillian Bikini Wax – £26 (strip wax) £31 (hot wax) – Keeping knickers on, leaving a 2 inch strip of hair all the way down.


  • Full Leg (35-45mins) £31
  • 1/2 Leg (15-25 mins) £23
  • Underarm (15mins) £8
  • Standard Bikini (15-20 mins) £16
  • Intimate Hot Wax £41 landing strip / £36 no landing strip
  • Brazilian Bikini £31 hot wax / £26 strip wax
  • Lip or Chin £6
  • Forearm £16
  • Chest or back £31