We offer a huge range of nail treatments. Choose from a simple shape and polish, acrylic extensions, or long lasting UV gel.

With a wide range of the most up to date colours and finishes, there’s a finish to suit everyone.

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Natural Nail Treatments

  • File and Polish (15-20mins) £16
  • Mini Manicure (20-25mins) £19
    • File, Cuticles, Polish, Oil
  • Classic Manicure (25-30mins) £24
    • As Mini plus cuticle soak and hand and arm massage
  • Mini Pedicure (35-40mins) £22
    • File, Cuticles, Polish, Oil
  • Classic Pedicure (1 hour) £32
    • As Mini plus foot spa and dead skin removal
  • Add French Polish £7
  • Add Heated Mits or Booties with Mask £6
  • Add Gelish Gel Polish £13

Gelish Nails

These gels come in an array of colors and are applied like polish and cured in a LED lamp in just 30 seconds!!! Lasts approx 2-3 weeks.

  • Gelish Colour Overlay (30-45mins) £29
  • Gelish French Overlay (30-45mins) £32

Prohesion Acrylic Extensions

Traditional liquid & powder for length and strength

  • Natural extensions (1 hour) £36
  • Coloured extensions (1 hour and 30 mins) £41
  • French extensions (1 hour and 30 mins) £46
  • Infills (45 mins) £31

Soak off before a new set of Gel or Acrylic nails is free of charge.

Soak off without re-application £6